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Marathon entries since 2003

Developed for FOC by
John Linford
FOC 1600

Marathon 2018 information


4U8FOC was activated by Robert, S53R and was in Italy. Marabella interprets this callsign as being in Montenegro, giving a false additional entity (4O) and an additional 2 points to the overall score. The root of this problem is that Marabella uses ClubLog's entity database and that does not have a suitable exception for 4U8FOC. I have requested that the exception is added and will make the new database available for automatic download as soon as I have it.


Please take note of Ray, G4FON's e-mail request to submit Cabrillo or ADIF files rather than Marabella output files. Ray has written his own adjudication software. Marabella is still useful for you to check for errors but please do not send its output to Ray!

Welcome to Marabella III

Marabella is a Windows-based helper application designed to assist with scoring and submission of FOC Marathon logs. It takes an export file (Cabrillo, ADIF or WinMarathon) from your logging program and converts it into a fully scored Excel spreadsheet entry form or a text file which can be submitted directly to the Marathon adjudicator.

Marabella III

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About Marabella

The Marabella project was conceived in 2002, when G3WGV had a particularly successful Marathon and became frustrated with the time it took to submit his entry. Marabella was first made available to FOC members in time for the 2003 Marathon, so 2017 marks the program's fifteenth year.

The original Marabella only worked with one type of Cabrillo file and had a very basic user interface but it became quite popular with members and so in 2006 I launched Marabella II. Remarkably, Marabella II kept going for ten years but the many changes in computer hardware, operating systems, etc. meant that by 2015 an update had become essential. Marabella III has been created on an up-to-date development platform that should give it many more years of useful life.

The user interface for Marabella III is completely new and should be much more intuitive. An all new help file provides considerably greater assistance with all aspects of Marabella's operation. Improved databases and an automatic updating system should mean that your copy of Marabella III is fully up to date at all times.

What Marabella III does
  • Creates an Excel document or a text file comprising summary sheet, tick sheets and logbook in very similar format to the paper version, known to be acceptable to the adjudicator. The results can be sent directly to the adjudicator, via e-mail.
  • Fully and correctly scores the Marathon, including G*4FOC QSOs, 5/6 banders, Entity and Continent bonuses.
  • Creates a detailed error log to help you with fixing problems in your log, usually improving your score as well.
  • E-mails your log to the adjudicator.
What you need to be able to use Marabella III

Your logging program must be able to create one of the following text formats:

  • The Cabrillo file format. The preferred format is the default "CQWW" format but other formats are accepted and there is a user defined format option as well, so it should be possible to process any Cabrillo file.
  • ADIF format. If your logging program cannot create a Cabrillo output file then you should use ADIF format.
  • The .LOG output format of W5ZR's WinMarathon. Although Marabella supports this file type its use is deprecated. WinMarathon can also produce a Cabrillo file that works fine with Marabella and that is the preferred file format to use.

Excel support

I have tested Marabella III against Excel version 6 (Excel 1995)  and several versions right up to Excel 2013. There is no reason to suppose that compatibility will be lost on later versions of Excel. 

Unfortunately the following versions of Excel will not work with Marabella:

  • Excel prior to version 6
  • Microsoft Works version of Excel
  • The free versions of Office sometimes shipped with new PCs  
  • Open Office 
  • Office 365

In all the above cases this is because these do not support the OLE interface that Marabella uses to communicate with Excel.

If you cannot meet the Excel requirements, or you experience other compatibility issues, you can still use Marabella to produce text files.


Marabella III is available free of charge to all FOC Members. The latest version is always available at the Marabella support web site, Please do not copy the software to other sites - provide a link instead. Always get updates from the official site.

You may give Marabella III to any other FOC Member but please do not circulate it outside of the club. Please only distribute the full installation package, complete and unaltered.


Many thanks to the following members who have worked with me to make Marabella III as good as it can be:

Dennis, F5VHY put up with the weird bugs and the confusion that is inevitable in the alpha trial period of any new piece of software. Dennis also helped to steer the program functionality to what you see today.

The beta trial team comprised Fabian, DJ1YFK; Ian, G3RVM; Bob, G4HZV; Dennis, K2SX; Sig, N3RS and Pete W1RM.

Several strange bugs were teased out of Marabella III during the beta test phase and an number of features were refined and improved. I am grateful to everyone on the team for their assistance.

Many thanks to Michael, G7VJR for making his Club Log entities database available. Marabella is a better program for being able to make use of it. Thanks also to Tyler, N4TY who made the FOC database available in a format that can be used for Marabella. This saves me having to maintain my own members' database.

What members said about Marabella II

"It worked right away and had no problem at all, very easy program to use, have used it several times in the past, and will also use it next year, if you still support it! Thanks a lot for supplying it to all of us in the club." Carsten, OY1CT

"On Monday I manually did the working out of my score.  A long and tedious process as you are so well aware.  Then I took a closer look at the cover sheet and read the information on the Marabella programme, downloaded it, made an ADIF file of my marathon log, and 'bingo', all done in a couple of minutes flat, and also came up with the same score as my manual effort.  I encountered no problems at all, and I can only thank you kindly for an absolutely amazing utility.  I would certainly be happy to recommend it to other members.  You have my total, utmost and unbounded appreciation.  Go well.  Keep up the good work." Joe, 7Q7BP

"Just a quick email to say a huge thank you for all the work you put into making our lives so much easier with Marabella etc. It is all "magic" to me, I have enough trouble using software let alone trying to write any. I had to do some Pascal at Uni but it taught me that I wouldn't ever make a programmer." Tony, G3ZRJ

"A big thank you for your support with Marabella! It works great." Karsten, DL8LBK

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